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What is Addi?

It is the safe way to buy what you want in installments in our allied stores, only with your ID, without paperwork and 100% online.

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What do I need to buy with Addi?

Buying in installments with Addi is very easy if you meet these three requirements, don't worry, it's nothing out of this world:

1. Be Colombian, of legal age and have your physical ID.
2. Have a personal cell phone with access to WhatsApp.
3. Have a valid email address.

It is very easy, free of paperwork, without credit cards, in minutes and 100% online.

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Can I request or have more than one credit with Addi? / Can I make more than one installment purchase with Addi?

Of course you can, once you have an AddiCupo you can use it freely and make the purchases you want, without going over the amount you have. That is why it is important that you always check your quota before purchasing.

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